Literacy Innovations for Neighborhoods in Kentucky
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Literacy Innovations 
for Neighborhoods in Kentucky


Wendy King

Wendy King born and raised in Rockcastle County, has always called this area home. She has spent the past fourteen years in the classroom both in regular education and special education classrooms doing what she loves best, teaching children in Madison and Rockcastle Counties. In 2007, Wendy obtained her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Kentucky University. She continued her educational goals and in 2009, Wendy received her Rank I/M.A.T in Elementary Education K-5 from University of the Cumberlands. 

Wendy has taught at both the elementary as well as the high school levels where ELA- English Language Arts and Reading have been her focus, and passion. In July 2004, her high school classroom was featured in a KY Living Magazine cover story entitled "Raising Readers"- focusing on improving student literacy with strategies she picked up throughout her coursework with EKU-KY Reading Project. Wendy's classroom was also selected as a model classroom site for Marie Carbo reading strategies in 2005-2006. Wendy has been a Teacher Consultant with the EKU- KY Writing Project since 2010 and has presented at various conferences across the state implementing literacy and technology into the classroom. In 2014, Wendy had a partnership with the Rockcastle County Regional Hospital for a Fit, Healthy Classroom Initiative and swapped classroom chairs for yoga/stability balls, proving that learning has no set parameters and classrooms can be fun! Literacy has been a passion throughout a career, she served on her schools Writing Program Team, Curriculum and Instruction Committee Chairperson, and in 2014 Wendy was appointed to KY State Textbook Commission as a teacher member of this task force.

 Wendy's proudest accomplishment is that she is the mother of two phenomenal children and she simply enjoys passing on the love of reading to them: Carson (12) and Addalyn (8). Wendy has carefully instilled in her own children that books can take you to many new and exciting places, faraway lands and on the most fascinating adventures as she demonstrates this each night intentionally selecting their bed time stories. 

Kay Hedrick

Kay Hedrick received a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Morehead State University. She worked in the advertising and public relations field for many years in several capacities including acting as an Advertising Manager in the newspaper industry, a Public Relations Coordinator in the cable industry and a Regional Sales Manager in the cellular industry. These roles led to a position as the Project Director for then federally- funded 21st Century Community Learning Centers for the Rowan County Schools District. She was honored with the distinction of presenting at this grant's national conference multiple times. Kaye loved being with students and the sense of meaning that came impacting their lives in a positive way which led her to obtaining a Master of Arts in Teaching, becoming certified to teach Language Arts at the middle and high school levels. 

A strong advocate for empowering students to communicate effectively, as a means to being successful in the real world, she involves students in a variety of community service, problem-based, technology-infused activities to help them take command of their voices to impact change. As an employee of Rowan County Schools, Kay has taught early college, high school and middle school Language Arts and Speech for thirteen years, acting in a leadership role coordinating Program Review and PD activities. Additionally, she has served as Teacher/Leader for the Morehead Writing Project collaborating with other Teacher/Leaders to build Literacy capacity as PD through student workshops. Kay says that her current role allows her to combine all of her work experiences, both in marketing and education, into an opportunity to broaden her impact beyond a single classroom to students throughout Kentucky. She resides in Morehead has three children in college, high school and middle school respectively and hopes to learn more about Kentucky's multi-faceted culture as she works with other school districts.