Literacy Innovations for Neighborhoods in Kentucky
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Literacy Innovations 
for Neighborhoods in Kentucky


Purchase Order Workflow

For all questions about your Book orders, please contact 

Step 1

Book order is Created Online by the L3  

Book orders will complete a form for RIF automatically.  If the school is obtaining books from another vendor, they may need to be added into the system by KEDC.  

Step 2

Book order is Submitted Online by the L3 

KEDC is sent an email requesting approval

Step 3

Approved by KEDC (Submitting L3 is sent an email saying order has been sent to RIF or can be placed with other vendor now) or Rejected by KEDC (L3 gets an email with a comment on why it was rejected. L3 edits the purchase order and may resubmit it again for approval) .

The process continues it's normal path.  See Step 4

Step 4

For Scholastic RIF orders, L3 must upload a signed packing slip once the books are received, which will marking the order as Requires Payment which will then be handled by KEDC.

For orders made to vendors other than Scholastic RIF, once the books are received and the vendor is paid by the L3's school district, the L3 will mark the purchase order as Completed. 

Step 5

KEDC processes and completes the PO, paying either Scholastic RIF or the L3's school district for orders made to other Vendors.